Random Thoughts Tuesday

Day 2 - Jury Duty Not needed. Check for Wednesday. Boy nothing can deflate a human's ego than to be told you aren't needed. In this case it is a mixed blessing. It's raining like crazy out so I'm glad I do not have to walk a block in the rain, even with my handy… Continue reading Random Thoughts Tuesday

Play Date Saturday

We have had solid rain, light at times, heavy at others all morning. Now the sun is peeking out. And I got out of the house. Did a little shopping. Curtains  for two windows. A few short sleeve button up shirts for my son, a few new T-shirts all for school which will be starting… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

Rumor Has It Wednesday

Bunhead fans are sad today. The dramedy has been cancelled after one season. Gilmore Girls it wasn't. The Prince has a name! No, it isn't Prince as some wanted. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have decided to name their son Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. It's raining again in Tennessee.

Christmas Eve Monday

It has rained all day. Coming down hard early this morning before it tapered off to a drizzle this afternoon. It became a mist and finally became foggy as the sun set. Now as we prepare for this long winters night, our stockings are hung with care, but my dog is running around the house like crazy.… Continue reading Christmas Eve Monday