Random Thoughts Tuesday

If you have a street team that is supposed to help you promote your books and you set up a giveaway so the team can earn swag based on the points they earn, but no one participates what should you as the author do? I have a friend who is coming upon the deadline for a giveaway and no one has attempted to earn swag points through Rafflecopter. She’s asking me for advice, but I haven’t the experience with my street team and giveaways to know what to suggest.  Anyone out there got a response?  I’ve looked at her point system and how often an activity could be repeated to earn points and she has given plenty of time to earn the required points to be in the drawing for grand prize. And the grand prize is reasonable, who wouldn’t want an Amazon gift card and the other items.  In all fairness, her street team is small so there are not that many members to participate. Yet shouldn’t have at least one of them tried?  It’s baffling to me.  Any thoughts?


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