Random Thoughts Tuesday

Scams. We all are afflicted by them at one time or another even when we try our hardest to make wise choices. It is so easy with social media these days. You click on a link, you put in a little info and the next thing you know you start received phone calls trying to… Continue reading Random Thoughts Tuesday

Guest Author Monday

Please welcome today's guest author -- Lisa Watson One down…three to go! When an opportunity presents itself, I find that it’s better to be fluid rather than rigid.  When I proposed my novel, Love Contract to my publisher, they loved it, and said, ‘That’s great.  Let’s turn it into a series with at least two… Continue reading Guest Author Monday

What are you Reading Thursday

I know. I'm a day late posting, but I had to finish reading the ARC for Carolynn Carey's latest release The Bow Wow and Meow Campaign, #7 in the Barbourville series. It is a cute story set in Barbourville between Josh the 'cat and dog' man who bought an old run down farm and career… Continue reading What are you Reading Thursday

Sunday Sundaes

Conference over. Time to go home. Traffic wasn't ideal. Spent 30 minutes going 6 miles to cross a one lane bridge in the rain. Not fun. Got home just in time to collapse from a migraine. Slept for a few hours and got up to begin putting things in order to go back to work… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes