Random Thoughts Tuesday

My day got all shuffled around. Had a dentist appointment for myself. Had a yearly check-up for my son. Both took longer than expected so I didn’t get to work until middle of the day and that just really messes with me.  I felt like I was a cat chasing my tail all day long. Getting no where. Trying to focus. Trying to think coherently. Going to give it one last push as I work over to make up for being out so long this morning.

What’s up with Taylor Swift taking her music off of Spotify?  Hmmm…. I enjoy listening to Spotify. I’m grateful to the artists who have their music on there so I can see first hand if I like them. Especially songs that don’t make it on the radio. So poor Taylor thinks she is seeing a decline in album sales because of it.   It’s just like authors who give away books. Sometimes you have to give away to get readers. So do you see us authors crying foul? Nope. We understand the business.



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