Rumor Has It Wednesday

Karen Hall has a new book released. Almost a Princess is available at Amazon. It is a heart-warming story of finding love when you least expect it. And as always, Karen Hall doesn’t disappoint with AlmostaPrincess_1400x2100her Christmas charm and humor.

JORDAN GRIFFTH is about to lose the diner she runs with her grandfather to a loan shark. So when the emissary of a European prince arrives and asks her to pose as the prince’s fiancée for two weeks in exchange for a six-figure sum, how can she say no? But even though Prince Phillipe Montremoncery of Schöneland is drop dead gorgeous, it’s his reserved and equally handsome emissary PERRY QUASTHOFF who makes Jordan’s heart race. But then things go awry and Jordan must choose. Marry Phillipe after all, knowing its Perry she loves, or return to Tennessee and care for Grandpa Joe who raised her.

Since his wife died, PERRY QUASTHOFF only wants to serve his prince and raise his young son. Love has no place in the equation. Knowing Prince Phillipe’s cousin WILLEM will try to take the throne, Perry vows to help stop him. But when Southern beauty Jordan Griffith becomes part of the plan to stop Willem, Perry finds himself falling in love with her. But when their plan backfires, and it looks as if Jordan and Phillipe will marry after all, Perry is caught between a love he never thought to find again, and his sworn duty to his prince and country.

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