Rumor Has It Wednesday

I AM BACK!!!  and everyone screams (for joy? in horror?) I’ll let you decide.

I hear that President Obama is coming to Knoxville and will be speaking at the main campus of Pellissippi State Technical Community College on Friday of this week. Only PSTCC Faculty, Students, and Staff can enter a drawing for a lottery to see who can attend this.

I just saw plans for a new development that will go in near where I live. I knew that a Krogers was in the works but I did not know we’d be getting a Regal Cinema, TJ Maxx, Ross, and several other stores in the process. It looks amazing. The fact that a regal cinema is coming so close to home means no more driving across town to go to the movies. Not that I do that often. But nice to have the option so close to home.

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