What are You Reading Thursday?

This past week I have finished two novels that I have had in my To Be Read Pile. Recovering from surgery gives a body that luxury I guess. Both books were historicals set in the Regency to early Victorian error. If Wishes were Earls by Elizabeth Boyle came out in 2014 and I had purchased it for myself for my birthday, but I was knee deep in writing so I didn’t allow myself the joy of devouring it until now. I loved it and can’t wait to read the next books in the Rhymes with Love series. The Prince who Loved Me by Karen Hawkins was a Scottish take on a Cinderella story and I enjoyed it immensely. In Hawkins version the stepmother and step-sisters were not evil and mean to the heroine. They had a lovely relationship which made the reader question the actions of the stepmother near the end of the book.


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