Sunday Sundaes

Church services was cancelled today. Not due to the weather really, but because there was a mechanical failure with our heating unit. Though I did hear that the parking lot was still frozen over. But maybe the temp getting close to 40 today helped with that situation.

It was a foggy start to the day after the snow/rain mix we had yesterday. The icicles melted and so did some of the thin layers of snow. But my sidewalk still has thick patches of ice that will take days to melt away since the sun doesn’t hit in those spots easily.

I made more progress on edits today and now I can tackle the harder part in dissecting the story and figuring out how to build in more conflict. Apparently I kept explaining away the situation which was causing the writing to be slow. Thanks to my editing partner for figuring out my problem I am on my way to fixing it.

Now the big question is who will win an Oscar tonight?

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