TGIF . . . Friday

The first morning this week we haven’t woken to new fallen snow. At least I think that is right. We’ve had so much snow for the last two weeks I can’t keep track. I am so ready for spring. March can come in like a lion at this point and I’d welcome it. I like snow. I really do, but I haven’t seen this much snow in one winter since I was a child. And we had snow back then. Deep snow. Snow that was ideal for sledding. And it wasn’t just me and my brother who would get out and play in it. I remember one year when my grandmother, grandfather, aunt and uncle all traipsed to the back pasture where there is a hillside and we’d sled down it. We had a blast, but those days are long gone. I have to drive in this weather now and I am glad to say other than sliding a little in my driveway I have been lucky to not encounter bad roads.


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