Play Date Saturday

Today started early…well for a Saturday. I forced myself up to take my son to get his haircut and the car washed of all the salt and brine treatment that has been on our roadways. Then we hurried across town to meet a friend by one to see a movie. He had no idea I had kidnapped him and was forcing him to go to the movies because if I’d have asked him he’d said no, he didn’t want to go. But he had to get out of the house. It had been over two weeks and he really need to get out and do something.

Of course, whenever I mention his hermit like state most people with teens tell me it’s a teenager thing. Well this is foreign to me because my mom never let me or my brother hibernate when we were teens. It was unheard of.

Anyway, my son was unimpressed by my action. He questioned my choice of movie and why I thought he’d like to see it. We saw the Kingsman. Very good by the way for an action/adventure/comedy. I went for Colin Firth. Enough said. Though I could have done without the over use of the ‘F’ word, but then that is British films for you.

The movie was funny and my son was hard pressed not to show his amusement. I could tell he really got into the action/adventure too. If only he’d show some emotion. Fifteen is turning out to be a confusing age.

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