Recap Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Friday was my day off and I spent most of the day visiting with friends. I met up for lunch with two former co-workers from the student newspaper in college. We got together last year on the same Friday, but this year I am glad to say it was sunny and not raining cats and dogs. Then it was off to take my son to his afternoon appointment which led to us going to a bookstore and meeting up with a writing friend for dinner. A great day and I was able to fit a few hours of writing in too. 🙂

Saturday I had to go with my mom to run errands and help her. But I did get to write. And Sunday I did a little writing in the evening. Nothing on TV makes for great writing time and the weekends seem to offer plenty of that if I am motivated enough to put myself in the chair. Though I did have a sinus headache that prevented me from doing as much as I wanted Sunday.

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