Rumor Has It Wednesday

At the hospital this morning with my son finishing up his 23 hour EEG. So far everything looks good. I haven’t noticed anything unusual with him, but then maybe I wouldn’t since I see him everyday. But the doctor said it looked good when she came in and he didn’t need any new medications at this point. We go back to see her in July for a follow up after she has a chance to study the video and the wavelengths (or whatever you call those squiggly lines).

One thing I learned. Even if you fill out the menu for your meals at the hospital that doesn’t mean you get what you ordered. Not once did they bring the right tray for my son. He kept getting a 2+ meal instead of a 10+ one. LOL. The nurses were baffled. They didn’t know why we didn’t get what he ordered unless when they faxed his request down it didn’t go through. Not that he starved. Each meal he received something he liked. Chicken nuggets. Pancake, eggs, bacon. Chicken patty sandwich with fries. He just didn’t get the biscuits and gravy he really wanted.

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