Random Thoughts Tuesday

Another glorious day ahead. Yes, it will also be hot again, but we can manage. Everything is looking bright for me as well. I am writing again and I am very happy. My characters are talking to me and I am channeling their emotions and feelings as I write their story. My son can attest to it because he came in while I was typing and apparently I sighed or made a face or something and he thought I was frustrated. I explained to him I was fine I was just trying to write what the character was feeling. He gave me a blank stare not understanding, but I know other writers out there will.

I’m at a very pivotal point in my story and I am anxious to see how things turn out since I am revising something I wrote this time twenty years ago. I don’t want to say to much more except I hope my readers will enjoy it as much as I have writing it and revising it now.

I don’t normally do this, but I’d appreciate those who pray to remember my son today. He goes into Children’s this afternoon for a 23 hour EEG. I pray  that we find out if there is anything wrong and if so there is a medication that can help him. He’s been having black outs or blank spaces in time. Apparently this has happened before when he was in elementary school. He’d come home telling me that he blacked out and I thought his medication just made him drowsy and he might have fallen asleep for a moment. But now it is obvious whatever is going on is more serious. All the other tests that have been run have come back normal so it is a good chance this one will too.

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