Play date Saturday

We went to a family reunion on my father’s side today. I hadn’t been since I was five or six years old, at least that is the memory I have of going. My dad is a home body so he didn’t like going and my mom wouldn’t go if he didn’t when we were growing up. So we didn’t go. I had been wanting to go for the past several years but there was always something that prevented me from being able to go. Until this year.  Of course the weather forecast said rain and heavy downpours, but that didn’t matter. I took my son and we went.

Did it rain? Yes, but we had a  for to gather under. Did the showers last long? No. And the sun did come out and it was a beautiful day. My son went fishing for the first time and he caught his first fish. A blue gill. He threw it back, but I wish he’d thought to have snapped a photo of it first. Oh well…there’s always next time.

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