Play date Saturday

We went to a family reunion on my father's side today. I hadn't been since I was five or six years old, at least that is the memory I have of going. My dad is a home body so he didn't like going and my mom wouldn't go if he didn't when we were growing… Continue reading Play date Saturday

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Another glorious day ahead. Yes, it will also be hot again, but we can manage. Everything is looking bright for me as well. I am writing again and I am very happy. My characters are talking to me and I am channeling their emotions and feelings as I write their story. My son can attest… Continue reading Random Thoughts Tuesday

Monday Monday

It's Monday and what a beautiful morning we are having in East Tennessee. But it is going to be hot, HOT, Hot today. They are calling for 94 degrees and that means it could get a little hotter. I'm glad I'll be inside most of the day admiring the sunshine from my office window. I'm… Continue reading Monday Monday

Monday Musings

Today I go to find out the results of my son's gallbladder ultra sound and blood work up they did at Children's Hospital last Tuesday. Praying for good news. It started out rainy today. Supposed to get sunny and then end with rain. Sigh... but at least it isn't snow. Have you seen the Fifty… Continue reading Monday Musings

Sunday Sundaes

Gorgeous day today. Sun shining. We had a wonderful church service today. It was nice to be able to go for the second week in a row. I can't say I have done that too many times in the past year because of the Migraine headaches I had been suffering with, but that is all… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Welcome back 80s

Was it only last week that it was freezing? Wind blowing? Storm clouds rolling in? Yes, that sounds like last Monday. But not this Monday. Today we've had gorgeous sunshine and warm temperatures that reach into the high 80s. I think it is great. Others are complaining because the weather has gone from one extreme… Continue reading Welcome back 80s