What Are You Reading Thursday

I'm still reading Finger Lickin Fifteen.  And I wanted to talk about the character of Lula. She is probably the funniest character I've read. If not, she comes closest. Who wouldn't want a secondary character in their book that is a former Ho gone straight. Who eats everything in sight, especially doughnuts or Cluck in… Continue reading What Are You Reading Thursday

Random Thoughts Friday

Happy Good Friday!! Driving long distance while listening to audio books is awesome. It makes the miles fly by. We did Smokin' Seventeen on the way to DC last Saturday and Explosive Eighteen on the way home today. Can't wait to read Notorious Nineteen. Apparently I'm making a cheesecake for Easter tomorrow. My mom requested… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday

Sunday Sundaes

Going to see the Jets One Sunday Christy's dad decided to take us to the airport to see the planes take off. I remember that Christy, her little brother and dad, me, my mom, and little brother took a drive (separate cars cause the whole lot of us couldn't fit in one) from Knoxville to… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes