What Are You Reading Thursday

I’m still reading Finger Lickin Fifteen.  And I wanted to talk about the character of Lula. She is probably the funniest character I’ve read. If not, she comes closest. Who wouldn’t want a secondary character in their book that is a former Ho gone straight. Who eats everything in sight, especially doughnuts or Cluck in a Bucket chicken whenever she gets nervous?  And let’s talk about Lula’s wardrobe preference. That in itself can be a giggle or two. Stretch spandex in ultra colors, sizes smaller than she should wear, yet she claims not to be fat. And you had better not call the woman fat or she’ll take you down.

I was reading the other night and laughing so hard I was crying. Lula got herself stuck half-in half-out of a Porsche car window. Stephanie tried to pull her from the outside. Stephanie tried to push her from the inside. Nothing worked. Lula was wedged in there good. So picture this if you will (boy do I sound like Estelle Getty’s from the Golden Girls) Lula wearing a marigold yellow spandex pant suit with a black Kevlar vest because she’s afraid of getting shot.  She looks like a big, bumble bee stuck in a car window. Did she get out you ask? Yes she did. But not from Stephanie’s help. No, Lula expelled gas for a full minute (thankfully Stephanie was outside the car by this point) and declared she’d been bloated, that was all, and she wiggled back into the car ready to go get some fried chicken from Cluck in a Bucket.

Scenes like this keep a reader turning the page and coming back for more. Have you read a book that makes you remember it long after you close it?

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