Guest Author Monday

Today, please welcome with me our Guest Author -- TG Franklin Pon Farr. Star Trek describes this Vulcan phenomenon as “an extreme and erratic physical and psychological imbalance.” Writers, as a species, have a similar cycle. We call it National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo, and it’s only ten days away. The challenge of NaNoWriMo… Continue reading Guest Author Monday


Play Date Saturday

Today was fun. Major author book signing at Books a Million at Governors Crossing. We were lined up from one end of the magazine racks to the other. And while the authors were chatting with their readers, Scott Nova was posing with them for pictures. I've only met one other cover model, but if they… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

Play Date Saturday

Today's post is coming live from the Cabin at the Crossing location where my writing group is having their annual retreat. So the play date is this. Getting together with 8 writers and writing. Imagine the quietness and the drumming of laptop keypads as ten x eight fingers are working frantically as the words flow… Continue reading Play Date Saturday