Play Date Saturday

Today’s post is coming live from the Cabin at the Crossing location where my writing group is having their annual retreat. So the play date is this. Getting together with 8 writers and writing. Imagine the quietness and the drumming of laptop keypads as ten x eight fingers are working frantically as the words flow onto the page. Chat breaks can be often or few in between these writing spurts. The food is plentiful. Chips, Dips, Crackers, Nachos, fresh fruits like oranges, apples, strawberries, blueberries, and candy like M&Ms, Mini Reece Cups (because all writers must have chocolate).

It is a beautiful day in the smoky mountains and we are enjoying it writing to the beat of our hearts on the stories we hold dear. We hope you are having a wonderful day today, this first Saturday in 2013.

Mallory Kane, Trista Michaels, Juli Alexander, Leanne Tyler, Jessie Verino, Deborah Brent, Vikki Vaught McCombie and Donna Wright

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