Play Date Saturday

Today was fun. Major author book signing at Books a Million at Governors Crossing. We were lined up from one end of the magazine racks to the other. And while the authors were chatting with their readers, Scott Nova was posing with them for pictures. I've only met one other cover model, but if they… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

Random Thoughts Friday

Attended a workshop by Dr. Bill Bass, retired forensic anthropologist from the University of Tennessee. He showed us interesting facts about bones and the structure of the human jaw and skull. He had examples from early childhood up to adulthood. He showed us the difference between a Caucasian skull, an Asian/Indian/Eskimo skull, and an African… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday

What are You Reading Thursday

Well, not reading today, per se, but I'm with 5o other authors or readers and a hot cover model at Romfest 2013. Attending author panels, having a high tea luncheon, getting free swag, free books, meeting lots of new people. Hope you are having a good time whatever you are doing. Maybe I'll see you… Continue reading What are You Reading Thursday

Rumor Has It Wednesday

My website was updated yesterday. Did you notice what changed? Multi-published author, Rachel Brimble, will be my guest author on Monday. Be sure to drop by to say hi. Breaking News!  The Good Luck Potion Book #3 in The Good Luck Series is going free for three days next week. May 31-June 2. Be sure… Continue reading Rumor Has It Wednesday