Random Thoughts Friday

Attended a workshop by Dr. Bill Bass, retired forensic anthropologist from the University of Tennessee. He showed us interesting facts about bones and the structure of the human jaw and skull. He had examples from early childhood up to adulthood. He showed us the difference between a Caucasian skull, an Asian/Indian/Eskimo skull, and an African American skull. Can you guess what it is?  The difference runs from under the nose to the chin. A Caucasian will be flat while an African American may have a protruding lower jaw. An Asian/Indian/Eskimo descendant will have a shovel shape incisor. There is more, but I won’t bore you. However, we did get to see a skull that was almost black in color with some hair still in tact. It was from a body that had been embalmed and buried. However, due to flooding, the grave was disturbed and somehow the head was found minus the body.

After lunch and hearing Paranormal author Jacqueline Frank, we heard from Jennifer Estep on how to be a media whore. Juli Alexander and I gave a workshop on Bad Boys: The Allure of Tattoos  and Piercings. Then we went to the Steamy Wild West with Hilde McQueen and Ciara Knight.

Dinner and a masquerade Halloween party followed to end our second day at Romfest. We’re having a blast. Don’t you wish you were here?


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