TGIF … Friday

The end to another long week. It was hectic, but not as crazy as the past two weeks. Next week's forecast says we'll be in the 60s, but have some rain. I'll take that over snow and ice any day. I can feel that spring is just around the corner. I saw a plump bunny… Continue reading TGIF … Friday

Rumor Has It Wednesday

The air is so dry and full of static electricity that my hair is standing up and I look like Medusa in the mornings. Not a pretty sight! More snow in the forecast. A southern slider is expected to come through bringing more snow and cold temps with it. Fog + Low Temps = Frozen… Continue reading Rumor Has It Wednesday

Monday Monday

Let's take a break from our guest author posts on Monday for this week and talk about how beautiful it is getting as spring settles in nicely. Sure there is still some unrest with high winds, tornadoes, flash flooding from heavy rains, but for the most part spring is coming in as normal. Painting a… Continue reading Monday Monday

Sunday Sundaes

It was another cold Sunday. They treated the roads in front of my house as there is a chance for bad weather between now on Tuesday. I am so hoping that it begins to warm up after this storm system moves out. I am so ready for spring and warmer weather. We have just been… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Sunday Sundaes

My son is sick today. He was stuffy all day yesterday. He stopped taking his Allegra this week and now he is paying for it. I gave him a allergy & sinus tablet last night to help dry him up, but he is not fairing well this morning. So he took another tablet and has gone back… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

A Cold Snap

We've been having gorgeous weather, but we have hit a bit of a cold snap. Which is typical for April. We'd normally call it Dogwood Winter, but the Dogwood's have already bloomed. It is really too early in the month for Blackberry Winter, so I guess this year we'll call it a cold snap. These… Continue reading A Cold Snap

Random Thoughts Friday

It's raining, the trees are all green, and it's giving off a green hue outside. So springy. So unlike March, more like April. It's hard to write a Christmas story when it is so warm outside. Usually music helps set the mood, but listening to Christmas carols doesn't feel right either. Sigh...what to do. Last… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday

Bumble Bees Buzzing

I saw not one, but two, big, fat, black, bumble bees buzzing outside yesterday. I really wasn't expecting this yet, but there they were hoovering in midair proclaiming for all to see that Spring is here. As if the blooming of the trees and flowers were not enough, these insects had to join in too.… Continue reading Bumble Bees Buzzing