Sunday Sundaes

My son is sick today. He was stuffy all day yesterday. He stopped taking his Allegra this week and now he is paying for it. I gave him a allergy & sinus tablet last night to help dry him up, but he is not fairing well this morning. So he took another tablet and has gone back to bed. He will more than likely sleep most of the day like I did when I took it last week.

It is snowing again today. Spitting snow for the last hour and now it is getting a little heavier. The flakes a still kinda small, but they have a little substance to them. It kinda looks like someone has blown a thousand dandelion blooms at once and they’re floating around. Pretty, but it is March 3rd. We should be getting ready for spring not having snow, right? Wrong. This is East Tennessee weather. Some years we have snow up until April others we don’t. In the late ’80s and even in ’93 we had some of our heaviest snow falls the middle of March.


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