Play Date Saturday

Today has been a very busy day. My son had to go to Saturday School, which meant we had to get up early and get him there by 9 a.m.  His school does this to offer additional instruction for students who need help in a subject or may need to make up work. My son… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

Play Date Saturdays

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Good Top of the Morning to ya! It's a lush, green day out, even with the drizzle of rain that is falling. A perfect touch if you ask me for St. Patrick's Day. But it is Play Date Saturday and I have much to accomplish before I can play. My son's… Continue reading Play Date Saturdays

Random Thoughts Friday

Working on edits among other things today.I really want to get these done, but I don't think that is going to happen in the next hour. It's Friday before Spring Break!!!!!  Let the quietness on campus begin. Don't forget to wear your green tomorrow. It's St. Patty's day. How will you celebrate? I'm taking my… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday