Play Date Saturday

Today has been a very busy day. My son had to go to Saturday School, which meant we had to get up early and get him there by 9 a.m.  His school does this to offer additional instruction for students who need help in a subject or may need to make up work. My son believe he cannot write and thus he needs help from someone other than his author mom to accomplish this task. So he went to Saturday school to write a few essays. He completed one and he must to another one in the next few weeks.

While he did that I got my allergy shot then came home to do a few house chores before going  to the grocery store. Met with a friend to deliver some books and returned home where he and I had lunch and continued to do things around the house. Then we got ready to go to a St. Patrick’s Day dinner for my Bible Study class. We had a good meal, lively conversation and returned home with enough time for me to begin working on my next WIP. My son is off reading.

The weather was simply wonderful today. The day gorgeous with the temps getting up into the mid-70s. I hope tomorrow will be just as nice.

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