Sunday Sundaes

Today has been a slow day, lazy day, but a good writing day. I have made progress on my WIP and I am excited about the direction it is headed. I have other projects I need to work on so I'm hoping to be able to get to them sooner rather than later if the… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Why do you suppose summer was considered the time of year for families to take vacations? And on that same note, why was it determined that a school year would run from fall through spring? I had the best french fries today at McDonalds. Not that crazy about the taste normally, but today they were… Continue reading Random Thoughts Tuesday

Play Date Saturday

Today I went to a baby shower where the nursery is being done in Monkies. So almost all the little girl clothes had a monkey on it.  And since that is one of the popular designs on the Carter's these days it was easy to buy for. I mean, one of the onesie sets I… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

The Monday before…

This is the Monday before Summer officially begins. It is also the Monday before ROMFEST!!!!  All the authors are excited and counting down the days until we'll be in Gatlinburg, Tenn. for this event. I've been preparing for the last few weeks and taking care of errands to put together my basket for the give-a-way.… Continue reading The Monday before…