Sunday Sundaes

We didn’t have Vacation Bible School at the church that I grew up in until I was in college. I’m not sure if they ever had it before I was born, but I do know that some of the church members had been in their lifetime. I hadn’t. In fact, I don’t think I had ever heard of it until my church started doing it. I eventually began helping in it, teaching the toddler class, I even did it when I was expecting my son.

You might wonder where this blog post is going. Well I’ll tell you. There are signs for VBS everywhere. It’s that time. If one church is having it this week, then another is next and so forth. The church I go to now has VBS at the end of July. It’s a fun time. Even my parents get involved. They help with snacks. My church feeds everyone dinner plus they provide a snack break for each class. So working with refreshments can be a big chore and a week of hard work.

The pastor always does an adult class in the sanctuary for the parents who come and stay. We have a full class every year. It’s mainly church members who come, but we have visitors too. I think we get as much from the weekly Bible study as the kids do.

Do you have a fond memory of VBS? Have you ever gone?


One thought on “Sunday Sundaes

  1. I loved VBS. As a child, I used to walk to church with my mother and bros, sister and remember going in the week of the Bible school with a huge amount of excitement. I still remember some of the crafts we made during the school and the pledges that still come to me when I have a chance to go to the closing sessions.

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