The Monday before…

This is the Monday before Summer officially begins. It is also the Monday before ROMFEST!!!!  All the authors are excited and counting down the days until we’ll be in Gatlinburg, Tenn. for this event. I’ve been preparing for the last few weeks and taking care of errands to put together my basket for the give-a-way. It’s a Good Luck basket with Lucinda’s bangles, Keely’s Gris-Gris, Duke’s rawhide chews and dog bowl, Darren’s pen and pencil set. I think whoever wins this one will enjoy it.

In the midst of all the packing, I took the time to finally finish A Kiss at Midnight!! Once I allowed myself the time to read it I couldn’t put the book down. Be sure to watch for my Thursday post to learn more about what I thought.

Now it is time for me to go off to write. I’m on vacation this week and since I’ll be conferencing most of the week I need to spend a little time writing to make up for not getting to work on pages daily.

It’s a glorious pre-summer day. The sun is shining bright. The squirrels and bunny rabbits are scampering in the yard. The birds are singing. My shi tzu is visiting her grandparents just like she would if I was at work. My teen his locked away in his cave doing what he likes to do best. So it is writing time.

I hope you have a great Monday before…

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