Sunday Sundae

My parents decided they wanted to go to early service yesterday so I said sure. I can be read in 45 minutes, no problem. But I made it and so did my teen. And I have to say it was great to go to church, Sunday school and be headed back home before 10:30. I… Continue reading Sunday Sundae

Play Date Saturday

I hope to get a little, if not a lot, of writing done today. At least that is my plan. However, my favorite store to shop at is having a buy two and get two free sale plus a fashion show (don't recall them ever having that before) and I'd like to go there if… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

Sunny Monday Morning

Did anyone else have difficulty driving this morning because the sun was shining so bright it was almost blinding?  I had my visor down, but it was still difficult to see. My sunglasses were in the back seat in my bag. I normally have it up front, but I took my son to school this… Continue reading Sunny Monday Morning