Sunny Monday Morning

Did anyone else have difficulty driving this morning because the sun was shining so bright it was almost blinding?  I had my visor down, but it was still difficult to see. My sunglasses were in the back seat in my bag. I normally have it up front, but I took my son to school this morning so he could go to the library, return books, check out new ones before he went to practice his trombone for band. It made for an interesting drive into work. It also made my office very warm this morning with the warm sunlight shining through. Now it has moved to a different location in the sky as it approaches noon.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not complaining because the sun is out. I love the warmth and the cheery feelings the bright sunlight brings. I’d take a day like to day over a cloudy, dreary gray day anytime. I’m just saying I had trouble seeing as I drove. I guess I need to keep my shades handy.

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