Random Thoughts Friday

Beautiful spring like day. A joy to behold. Now if the temp would get just a wee bit warmer. Forecast calls for temps in the 70s this weekend. Don't forget to S-P-R-I-N-G forward Saturday night. Time changes to Daylight Savings Time this weekend.  


Random Thoughts Friday

Pipes bursting on the 12th floor is not good when it floods offices and the stairwell all the way down to the fourth floor. Snowing. Flurries. Accumulation? Doubtful. March 1st. Where did February go?  

Random Thoughts Friday

Sleeping on the top floor in a log cabin can be scary when the wind starts blowing and the house starts shaking. A totally new experience for me. Wasn't sure if it was just being in the mountains or what, but I questioned did I need to go to the main level and stay. Hermit… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday

Random Thought Friday

It's cold and rainy again today. It's been like that all week. The skies gray with heavy clouds like it will snow, but it is only teasing us. Don't wait until I have to go back to work to snow. Do it before Wednesday please. My son asked today when my Christmas break was over.… Continue reading Random Thought Friday

60, Rain, and a Chance of Lightning

Wet Sunday. Wet Monday. Will it be a wet Tuesday? Only time will tell. Today's¬†forecast¬†called for temps in the sixties, but I didn't see anything about rain. Nor did I expect flashes of lightning and gusts of wind after the sun set and darkness fell. It's been a long day at work and I'm tired… Continue reading 60, Rain, and a Chance of Lightning