Random Thoughts Friday

Sleeping on the top floor in a log cabin can be scary when the wind starts blowing and the house starts shaking. A totally new experience for me. Wasn't sure if it was just being in the mountains or what, but I questioned did I need to go to the main level and stay. Hermit… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday

Random Thought Friday

It's cold and rainy again today. It's been like that all week. The skies gray with heavy clouds like it will snow, but it is only teasing us. Don't wait until I have to go back to work to snow. Do it before Wednesday please. My son asked today when my Christmas break was over.… Continue reading Random Thought Friday

60, Rain, and a Chance of Lightning

Wet Sunday. Wet Monday. Will it be a wet Tuesday? Only time will tell. Today'sĀ forecastĀ called for temps in the sixties, but I didn't see anything about rain. Nor did I expect flashes of lightning and gusts of wind after the sun set and darkness fell. It's been a long day at work and I'm tired… Continue reading 60, Rain, and a Chance of Lightning

The Effects of Hurricane Sandy

Even though the North East Coast is the main path of Hurricane Sandy everyone on the east coast is seeing the effects. Add in a few cold fronts coming down from Canada and the mix can be very unpleasant. We are seeing rain and colder temps than we'd like for the end of October. Just… Continue reading The Effects of Hurricane Sandy

Warm Weather … Is it Indian Summer

The forecast for the week is calling for warmer weather. Today we are supposed to be in the high seventies and it looks like we should see similar weather tomorrow with the temps getting as a high as 80 on Wednesday. Our nights are higher in temps as well only dipping into the 50s where… Continue reading Warm Weather … Is it Indian Summer

Drizzling Monday

Woke to raining this morning. Temps in the 50s, but the rain made it feel colder. Welcome October! Sitting at work with my space heater on. Trying to stay warm. Rain has finally subsided. Will the sun peak out from behind the clouds today? Will the leaves turn more golden and orange from their green?… Continue reading Drizzling Monday

It’s Raining Mondays

Yes it is Monday and yes it is raining. Ugh! I know we need the rain to wash away all the bad ragweed and goldenrod pollen and any old field dust that gets in the air from all the hay that is being cut because it is haying season again. But the rain and the… Continue reading It’s Raining Mondays

Crisp Monday

The fog rolled in off the Tennessee River this morning drifting up toward the skyline as the sun peeked through the clouds. It was a beautiful East Tennessee morning even if the temp was a crisp 61 degrees. A little cooler than we've had in a while. But not cool enough to really need a… Continue reading Crisp Monday