Play Date Saturday

SMRW met at the Fountain City Library today. Our first meeting there and a wonderful location. We had a nice workshop on VOICE given by Kate McKeever. Then we had lunch at a local place, Litton's. It began raining while we were meeting and then it began to pour while we had lunch. he rain… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

Last Monday in August

Our temps have soared back into the 90s lately. Even if the morning is a little crisp, some fog, the days are hot and sunny. My son refuses to wear shorts to school because he says the building is cold. So he wear jeans. I did convince him to wear shorts at least at the… Continue reading Last Monday in August

Foggy Monday

Woke to a foggy morning. They say the number of foggy mornings in August is the number of snow falls you'll have come winter. Not sure if this will hold true. We've been having little to no snow falls the last few years. And last winter was so mild if we blinked it was gone.… Continue reading Foggy Monday

Cooling down for an early Fall?

I know it is just the end of July, but it felt pretty cool out yesterday afternoon/early evening. It made me think of September instead of August. Maybe it was a fluke, but some of the trees are looking kinda brown and that is probably more due to the dry weather we've had than leaves… Continue reading Cooling down for an early Fall?

Sunny in July

We've been having sunny days and sometime stormy afternoons into early evenings. The rain is needed and welcomes. I was hit by a pretty hard downpour on the way home from work today. And it  was over by the time I got home. I found that nice, but my internet was out, which wasn't good.… Continue reading Sunny in July

Rainy Monday would be okay with me

It rained last night. The wind was blowing, a few flashes of lightning before I went to bed, but it did rain. My car was wet all over when I went out to leave for work. YEAH!! We need the rain badly right now. It looks like it could rain this morning too. Maybe it… Continue reading Rainy Monday would be okay with me

Sunday Sundaes

Hot July weather called for home made ice cream. I remember thinking it was a long process to  make because my mom spent a great deal of time preparing the ingredients or it seemed that way. Then once the cream mixture was in the can and the lid was put on the begin the freezer… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes