Play Date Saturday

SMRW had a regular meeting even if some of the members did not make it to the cabin for the retreat. Those that were present discussed future meeting plans and activities as we plan for the rest of the year. It's hard to believe we're only three months away till our Christmas party. Reservations do… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

Writing Retreat Weekend

Friday of writing retreat. The only men we've seen are the fellows, the older men, who are at the cabin next door. They have spent the entire day on the deck, talking, smoking cigars and trying to catch a few rays even though the sky has been mostly overcast. I know because if I stand… Continue reading Writing Retreat Weekend

Play Date Saturday

SMRW had a really good meeting today at the Fountain City Library. Our new member Bob Mayer came and did a workshop on Writing it Forward and Conflict in a Box.  We had a good turn out and then a group of us went to eat lunch after the meeting.  I hurried home and threw… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

Play Date Saturday

Today's post is coming live from the Cabin at the Crossing location where my writing group is having their annual retreat. So the play date is this. Getting together with 8 writers and writing. Imagine the quietness and the drumming of laptop keypads as ten x eight fingers are working frantically as the words flow… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

Sunday Sundaes

Playing Charlie's Angels Besides playing Barbies on Sunday afternoons my friend Christi and I would sometimes play Charlie's Angels. You may think how could two play this when there were three Angels? Easy. Christi had an aunt that was only a year older than us. So when she was with us that is what we'd… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes