Rumor Has It Wednesdays

NFL Frenzy There is much drama going on in the NFL these days. First, Manning is let go from the Colts. Now he's signed with the Bronco's which means Tebow is out and looking for a new team. It was announced today that Tebow has signed with the NY Jets displacing NFL draft picks #5… Continue reading Rumor Has It Wednesdays

Recipe Tuesdays

The following was given to me by my good pal Carolynn Carey. She brought this to a Christmas party at SMRW one year and it was a hit. She's been asked numerous times to bring it again. And she was gracious enough to share the recipe with me. So I'm sharing it with my readers.… Continue reading Recipe Tuesdays

Bumble Bees Buzzing

I saw not one, but two, big, fat, black, bumble bees buzzing outside yesterday. I really wasn't expecting this yet, but there they were hoovering in midair proclaiming for all to see that Spring is here. As if the blooming of the trees and flowers were not enough, these insects had to join in too.… Continue reading Bumble Bees Buzzing

Sunday Sundaes

Playing Barbies One of the favored past times of Sunday afternoon play dates with my friend from church was playing Barbies. We would spend hours upon hours doing this every week, for years. But it did not start out smooth. To the dismay of a six-year-old, I learned quickly that I was NOT in the… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Play Date Saturdays

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Good Top of the Morning to ya! It's a lush, green day out, even with the drizzle of rain that is falling. A perfect touch if you ask me for St. Patrick's Day. But it is Play Date Saturday and I have much to accomplish before I can play. My son's… Continue reading Play Date Saturdays

Random Thoughts Friday

Working on edits among other things today.I really want to get these done, but I don't think that is going to happen in the next hour. It's Friday before Spring Break!!!!!  Let the quietness on campus begin. Don't forget to wear your green tomorrow. It's St. Patty's day. How will you celebrate? I'm taking my… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday

What are you Reading Thursdays

I'm excited because I get to finally begin reading A Kiss at Midnight by Eloisa James. A friend bought a copy as a gift when she went to a conference last fall and she just remembered to give it to me last week. It is autographed to me so that makes the book even more… Continue reading What are you Reading Thursdays

Rumor Has It Wednesday

It's International Time-Travel Day!!! Didn't know there was such a day, but as an author who has utilized Time-Travel in two of my stories, and may do so again, I am game if others are. Actually this is to celebrate the release of Imajin Author Melodie Campbell's new release Rowena Through the Wall. To celebrate… Continue reading Rumor Has It Wednesday

Recipe Tuesdays

Leanne's Beef and Bean Burritos This is my own recipe that I threw together one day when I wanted to do something different with hamburger. I had bought some flour torillas and I had canned pinto beans and thought...hmmm... What you'll need: 4 Extra Large Flour Tortillas 1 lb. Lean Ground Beef 1 15 oz.… Continue reading Recipe Tuesdays

Springing out all over

As I drove home from work on Friday I noticed the snowy white flowers of the Bradford Pear trees. It was like driving through a winter wonderland of white blooms for a small section of the interstate. I love seeing these trees in bloom. Now we have the purplish flowering red bud trees showing their… Continue reading Springing out all over