Sunday Sundaes

Nothing is better than your favorite ice cream sundae with whip cream, chopped nuts, and a cherry on top, kicking back and enjoying the treat. But Sundays can be perfect too. As a child it was more than just the day we dressed up and went to church. It was a day when I got… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Play Date Saturday

What do you enjoydoing the most on Saturdays? Do you like to spend the day curled up with a good book? Get together with your friends and go to lunch? Maybe see a movie either at a theater or rent via Redbox® or Netflix®. Or do you prefer to spend the day shopping? Everyone enjoys… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

Random Thoughts Friday

Daylights Savings Time goes into effect this weekend so everyone be sure to Spring forward one hour Saturday night before you go to bed so you won't be late getting up the next morning. It is also a good time to change the batters in your smoke alarms. YEC 2012 is going on in Nashville,… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday

What are You Reading Thursdays?

I seldom have time to read anymore so when I do it is normally something I have downloaded on my kindle. I have the kindle app on my smartphone so I can read when I have a moment while on the go. Do you tend to gravitate toward your ereader more than a paperback book… Continue reading What are You Reading Thursdays?

Rumor Has It Wednesdays

A little juicy Industry Tidbit that I learned the other day. Chris Keeslar, formerly of Dorchester Publishing, has found a new home as Editor in Chief at Borough's Publishing Group. We wish him well. Entangled Publishing is actively seeking submissions and is getting ready to launch the Dead Sexy line. For those in the Nashville,… Continue reading Rumor Has It Wednesdays

Recipe Tuesdays

This is a yummy dip great with fresh fruit, especially sliced gala apples. It is sure to sweeten your next party. Brickle Dip 2 8 oz. blocks of cream cheese, softened at room temperature 1 cup of brown sugar 1 cup of white sugar 1 12 oz. package Heath Brickle Bits 1/2 tsp vanilla flavoring… Continue reading Recipe Tuesdays

Winter here again?

Last week I was wondering if Spring was really here and today it looks like Winter is back. March came in like a lion and with it has brought tornadoes, hail, thunderstorms, blustery winds and snow. My mom was saying March has always brought our worst snow falls. She remembered when she was a girl… Continue reading Winter here again?

Free Download Days 4

Today is the final day to download free the Christmas Inspirational Romance A Country Kitchen Christmas. And at long last we are going to speak with Penelope Anders.  We're meeting up at a local WiFi Cafe in downtown Atlanta so I can post as we talk. The cafe is a little crowded, but it looks… Continue reading Free Download Days 4

Free Download Days 3

Come along with me to Craters Corners and the Anders farm to meet Derek Smythe. This guy made a gut decision to take his college fund and purchase Penelope Anders family's farm when it was put up at auction. He sacrificed his future for the girl, but did she appreciate it?  No. In his own… Continue reading Free Download Days 3

A Female’s Perspective

This afternoon we have the opportunity to talk briefly with Dana Steven's producer of the Country Kitchen on the Southern Cooking Channel. She's friends with Penelope Anders who writes the Country Kitchen daily blog. Hi Dana. Can you tell my readers how you met Penelope Anders? Dana: We were college roommates. We both studied Communications.… Continue reading A Female’s Perspective