What are You Reading Thursdays

I’m gearing up to reread Dealing with Denver by Carolynn Carey. Why will I be rereading this book? Because it is a free download over at Amazon April 20-22. I have the paperback version, but I plan to download the electronic version for the absolute darling new cover that has been added. Dealing with Denver is part of Ms. Carey’s Barbourville Series that began with A Summer Sentence which was published by Avalon Books. Falling for Dallas is the second in the series and is about his brother Dallas. There is a fourth book in the works about his other brother Dayton. Did I forget to mention that the Vance brothers are triplets? That’s right. Dallas, Denver, and Dayton are three hunky attorney’s that somehow end up in Barbourville, Tennessee.

Here’s a brief description of Dealing with Denver.

Freelance writer Mattie Meadows has found an excellent excuse to visit Barbourville, Tennessee. She’s been assigned to write an article about a local authentic cottage for a magazine on cottage vacations. But her real reason for visiting the small town is much less transparent, and if she succeeds in her quest, some of the most prominent citizens of Barbourville may very well become her enemies.

Attorney Denver Vance is using Barbourville as a stopover on his way from a Florida vacation to his home in Chicago. When he arrives late one evening after all of his Barbourville relatives are in bed, he decides to spend the night in his brother’s rental cottage. He knows Dallas doesn’t plan to rent the cottage over the summer, so he’s less than pleased when an attractive but prickly female meets him on the front porch and tells him to go away.

Once their initial misunderstanding is resolved, Mattie talks Denver into helping her with her search. Both are aware that their time in Barbourville is limited, and although neither expects to fall in love, they do. Then Mattie succeeds in her quest and old Barbourville secrets come to light, secrets that could very well destroy Mattie’s and Denver’s chances for happiness.

Will Mattie and Denver find a way to mesh their very different worlds and settle down in Barbourville? Or will the secrets they’ve uncovered forever taint their future in the small town?

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