Sunday Sundaes

Hot July weather called for home made ice cream. I remember thinking it was a long process to  make because my mom spent a great deal of time preparing the ingredients or it seemed that way. Then once the cream mixture was in the can and the lid was put on the begin the freezer you had to pack it with ice and rock salt, lay towels over it so it would freeze. The waiting was torturous.

Do you have memories of making ice cream with your family when you were a kid?

I tried making cookies and cream, but I put my Oreo cookies in at the wrong time and when the ice cream froze it came out looking all gray. Not very appealing to eat. I’ve thought about following a recipe that came with my ice cream freezer to see if the texture of the ice cream was better than the old fashion recipe my mom uses, but I haven’t yet. Maybe I will the next time I make home made ice cream.

What has been the most adventurous experiment you’ve tried when cooking?

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