Sunday Sundaes

Today I'm going to the wedding of two very special people. I've known them for six years now and even though they only started dating a year or so ago I had a feeling they should be together. Funny how that sometimes works out. I've only attended one other Sunday wedding and it was in… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

My play date today consisted of writing. I needed to spend time with my computer and an open work in progress. I chose my historical since I haven't been getting anywhere with the contemporary romantic comedy. I thought this might rejuvenate the muse. I also listened to Mozart Concertos as I wrote to feel in… Continue reading

Rumor Has It Wednesday

US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed in Libya after angry protesters saw a film that allegedly ridiculed Islam's Prophet Mummaad and stormed the US consultate in Benghazi. This is the first US ambassador to be killed since 1979. Apple is about to release the iPhone 5.  

Recipe Tuesday

Nothing is as good in the fall as home made breads. Here's a great one to try. Banana Nut Bread Ingredients: 1 cup butter 2 cups sugar 4 eggs 1/4 tsp. salt 2 tsp. soda 4 cups flour 6 large bananas, very ripe, mashed 1 cup finely chopped pecans Preheat oven to 325°. Grease two… Continue reading Recipe Tuesday

Crisp Monday

The fog rolled in off the Tennessee River this morning drifting up toward the skyline as the sun peeked through the clouds. It was a beautiful East Tennessee morning even if the temp was a crisp 61 degrees. A little cooler than we've had in a while. But not cool enough to really need a… Continue reading Crisp Monday