Sunday Sundaes

Today I was home recouping from the shingles. All my weeks of practicing with the choir and I couldn’t go sing because I couldn’t risk passing it on to someone I might come in contact with (like those expecting, those who may never have had the chicken pox or those who have had the shingles already). Plus I have been drained, no strength, and sleeping more than normal, which I’m told goes along with the ailment. Bah hum bug!  My tree needs decorating. I’ve hung a few ornaments, but that’s about it. I also need to write.

On another note, I tried a new recipe today. Made Fried Rice in my wok. It turned out okay. It lacked flavor. Wasn’t anything like I would get at a Japanese or Chinese restaurant. Maybe I should leave the rice making to the professionals. My son liked it well enough to come back for seconds and take all that was in the pan. But did he finish it? No, brought his plate to me and I wrapped it up for later.

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