Sunday Sundaes

Well today is the Oscars. Later today we will find out who be given that golden statue.  Nothing else is on TV tonight so you have little choice but to watch it if you want to see something on local channels. Reruns of tv shows are on some cable channels and then there are a few channels running movies.

I’m writing. Slept most of the day because I had sinus pressure and took medicine for it that knocked me out. The package didn’t say it would cause drowsiness so I thought it was okay to take. I didn’t notice it last night after taking it, but I did go to bed soon after.  But at least now I feel somewhat better. It dried up the stuffy nose I’ve had all week and even though I still have a little headache I’m able to think clearer now.

I didn’t go to church though. I couldn’t function after getting dressed to go. I sat down until time to leave and when my parents came to pick us up I realized I wasn’t going anywhere. I changed and fell asleep on the couch. I woke long enough for lunch and then I was out cold again. But as I said in the paragraph above I am feeling better.

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