An Out of Body State of Mind

Normally I talk about the weather on Mondays, but today lets talk about my state of mind. My muse took a vacation for several months. I’ve felt it in my writing since I’ve had very little progress on my two current WIPs. Yet my muse returned this weekend. I am so engrossed in one of the projects that even though I’m in one place my mind is with my characters somewhere else. AND LET ME TELL YOU IT FEELS GLORIOUS!!!! I’ve written over 4,000 words since Saturday afternoon and I’m so excited I can’t stand it.

So I don’t really care that it is overcast out there and that it was misty raining this morning as I drove in to work. Neither do I care that my office was so warm I had to open a window when I came in this morning. I’m simply too preoccupied with Alex and Sue to care. And if you have been following me on Spotify you know it has been a Michael Bublé kind of day. And it probably will be for the next several days until I get this segment of the story finished.

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