Play Date Saturday

Snowy Saturday. Though no accumulation. I woke early and the ground looked like we’d had a heavy frost. Light snow was falling, but then the sun came out and the white blanket melted. Soon it began to snow again and what lay on the ground eventually melted. The pattern repeated several times. It didn’t seem to matter if the flakes were big and fluffy, like someone was having a feather pillow fight or if it was a constant fall of dandruff flakes. That is how it went most of the day.

I watched with curious anticipation to see what else it might do as I worked on my manuscript. But with this unpredictable weather also came a headache. A dry, annoying, sinus headache that’s intense and sharp. And makes your vision blurred. I finally gave into it and lay down watching a season four DVD of Castle. Love that show. Makes me want to write crime, murder mystery stories, but I think I’ll stick with romance.

My mom made homemade chili and hot tamales for dinner and we went to eat with them. It was soooo goood. She said she par boiled her beans and then added salt to them so they wouldn’t cook up to mush like they did the last time she made chili. She also went ahead and cooked her meat and added the chili seasoning to the beans letting it all simmer for hours while the beans finished cooking. I think this has to be the best way to make chili and I will try to remember to do this the next time I make it. Because it cooked slow together the flavor was really good. You didn’t take the beans or the meat separately, but the chili as a whole like you would if you ate it a day or two later.

Now I’m watching a new Hallmark movie. Loving Leah. Nice twist and a real plot line with this one.


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