Play Date Saturday

2nd Saturday of the month means a day with my writing peeps. You know who they are. The Smoky Mountain Romance Writers. We gathered at the Fountain City Library at 10 a.m. and had out meeting. Then Sandy Sullivan from Secret Cravings Publishing gave a great presentation about why a writer should go with a small press and what the benefits are over going Indie and what to look for when considering the pay out.

It was a good workshop in my opinion. I’ve been published with a small press for the last seven years, but I didn’t truly understand the pay out structure until after I started publishing as an Indie Author. It was heart breaking when I looked at what I was really making with the small press I’m with as opposed to what I make as an Indie Author.

Afterward we went to lunch where we talked and socialized over food (our 2nd passion as writers). I came home energized to begin writing, but laundry called and house chores so I didn’t get as much accomplished on my project as I wanted. Oh well…ce la vie!

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