Play Date Saturday

No coloring eggs for me or hunting them either. Instead the Easter bunny brought me and my son a horrid stomach bug.  Not sure what we did to deserve this, but both of us sick with only one bathroom is cruel. Very cruel. So if napping if your idea of a fun way to spend… Continue reading Play Date Saturday


Bad Boy Heroes:  Tarnished Saints Series Elizabeth Rose First, I’d like to say thanks for having me as your guest today, Leanne. Today I’m going to be talking about my new ‘bad boy’ series, Tarnished Saints. The Taylor twelve are twelve brothers, yes I said twelve, and the sons of a late minister. But believe… Continue reading TGIF…Heroes

What are You Reading Thursday

I can shout it from the roof tops that I have finished reading my Laurie contest entries. I can also say that I enjoyed each and everyone of them. I did not feel that any of the entrants were fledglings as writers. Their stories were thought out and well written. Were any of them perfect?… Continue reading What are You Reading Thursday

Rumor Has It Wednesday

Author Donna Wright has caught the writing bug. She has almost 25K written on her latest manuscript. Way to Go!!! Author Juli Alexander is skipping town. Gonna sink her toes in the sand somewhere very soon and soak up some rays. Woo hoo!! Don't we all wish we could do that! Author Carolynn Carey had… Continue reading Rumor Has It Wednesday

Guest Author Monday

Please welcome with me our Guest Author -- Tesa Devlyn Set in Hope, Idaho in 1888, Dangerous Disguise took several years to write. Not because I had to rewrite the existing story over years, but because from the early conception of the story, it took on different themes and faces. Even though I’d been writing… Continue reading Guest Author Monday

Sunday Sundaes

Apple Pie a la Mode!  That is what we had for dessert today. My mom made a fresh apple pie with the criss-cross top bubbling with sugar and cinnamon and then she topped it with vanilla ice cream. YUM!!!!  This was after we finished baked ribs smothered in Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce, mashed potatoes,… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Play Date Saturday

2nd Saturday of the month means a day with my writing peeps. You know who they are. The Smoky Mountain Romance Writers. We gathered at the Fountain City Library at 10 a.m. and had out meeting. Then Sandy Sullivan from Secret Cravings Publishing gave a great presentation about why a writer should go with a… Continue reading Play Date Saturday


One of the great things about romance is the wonderful spectrum of heroes to love: alphas, betas, omegas, bad boys, wounded, and the boy next door. From drop-dead gorgeous to battered by life, from loner to larger than life, we love them all. In my contemporary romances, I love writing characters you could actually meet… Continue reading TGIF…Heroes