Writing Retreat Weekend

Friday of writing retreat. The only men we’ve seen are the fellows, the older men, who are at the cabin next door. They have spent the entire day on the deck, talking, smoking cigars and trying to catch a few rays even though the sky has been mostly overcast. I know because if I stand up from my writing spot I can see them. I listened to their loud talking the night before when I was trying to fall asleep. These men look to be about my fathers age. Most with gray hair, but they also look to be the business type. I imagine they must be here for a male getaway or a father and son retreat because there are a few that look younger.

Besides that I’m writing and enjoying to peace and quiet. The others are our retreat are working and then gathering for food and conversation on the main level. We’re having Chili and chips tonight. Making our own version of a Petro.

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