What are You Reading Thursday?

I read the cutest story by Kate McKeever this week. It is a short Christmas story. Did I mention it was short? Less than 20K. But it has a very good plot of folks coming together during a hard situation and surviving. Trusting in your fellow man and finding the start of friendship and possibly love. I highly recommend this to you if you are looking for a short read.Christmas at the old time diner

This was a sweet, Christmas story of six lost souls coming together on Christmas Eve during a snowstorm. Being thrown together they made the most of a dire situation and learn to count their blessings and survive. I found the writing engaging and the characters intriguing. I quickly cared about each one. Ms. Keever made this holiday story real for me with the warmth and emotion within the pages. I know you will enjoy it too. And I hope since this is a Chandler Tennessee Christmas story that it means she’ll be writing more about the town. I’d love to see more of its inhabitants and find out if Jake and Livvy share another Christmas together.


Liv is spending her first Christmas in Chandler Tennessee at The Old Time Diner. When an unexpected snow storm brings some reluctant customers to her door, she is determined to make the most of a snowbound Christmas Eve. Can Liv give her surprising overnight guests a reason to celebrate this Christmas?

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