Play Date Saturday

Today has been a very busy day. My son had to go to Saturday School, which meant we had to get up early and get him there by 9 a.m.  His school does this to offer additional instruction for students who need help in a subject or may need to make up work. My son… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

What are You Reading Thursday

My son has finished the series he was reading last week and has started a new one. I'm not sure what that one is yet. I'm trying to find a little time in my busy schedule to read. I've got my Kindle charged up and I'm carrying it with me. But time is kinda precious… Continue reading What are You Reading Thursday

What Are You Reading Thursday

I began reading Christmas on Mimosa Lane by Anna DeStefano last week. The richness of the writing is breathtaking. I can't wait to finish reading it. I've also finished reading the galleys for my next novel Because of Rebecca. It should be released sometime in 2013 from The Wild Rose Press. My son is reading… Continue reading What Are You Reading Thursday

Random Thoughts Friday

Why does it take so long to create a manuscript, but once it is published a reader can zip through it in a matter of hours? Almost finished with my galleys. Then I can go back to writing. Yeah! Should I put up the Christmas tree this weekend or wait until next? Will I feel… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday

What Are You Reading Thursday

My son is still reading the Pendragon series. I have been reading more of Trouble in Mudbug. I began this several weeks ago as you might remember. Reading a little here and there as I worked on my writing projects. I took some time last weekend and did a little more intensive reading. I have… Continue reading What Are You Reading Thursday

What Are You Reading Thursdays

I have started reading The Casanova Code by Donna MacMeans. This is book one in The Rake Patrol series. I got a signed copy when I was in Atlanta at the beginning of the month.  I like this motto that is featured on the front cover. Some secrets are better kept hidden...  Since I only… Continue reading What Are You Reading Thursdays

What are You Reading Thursday?

As I mentioned yesterday in Rumor Has It Wednesday, I am a hoarder of books. I was kinda shocked to hear it put that way, but Nina Bruhns had a point when she said people who download free books and never read them are simply hoarders. I have so many that I have downloaded and… Continue reading What are You Reading Thursday?

What Are You Reading Thursday

Traveling today so I'm not reading. Heading to Atlanta for a weekend get-a-way. My son picked up a new book at the school library this morning and when I left him he was already on page 128. He's turning into a voracious reader. He's anxiously awaiting the release of book #5 in the Inheritance Cycle.… Continue reading What Are You Reading Thursday