Booming Thunder

I was waken during the wee hours of the morning to the loud, vibrating boom of thunder. I thought a bomb had gone off or maybe even a meteor had even crashed near where I lived. The house shook. The doors and windows rattled. It caused our sensor light at the screened in porch to… Continue reading Booming Thunder

Another Beautiful Day

Catch the heat and sun while you can this week, the forecasters are saying today will be our only one in the 80s this week. I've heard the rest should be in the 70s. Rain is possible so we could be moving into another little cold snap. I'm hoping not, I'd like to have a… Continue reading Another Beautiful Day

Brrr! It’s Cold Outside

Another wave of a cold snap. The temperature is dipping into the thirties at night and it isn't getting up to sixty during the day. Now this is definitely blackberry winter.  I'm hoping it will not last too many days. Less then a week would be preferable, I'm really ready for warm weather and wearing… Continue reading Brrr! It’s Cold Outside

Roses Blooming Weather

Last weeks cold snap brought forth a mass of rose blooms to my trellis climbing bush at my front porch. I had one bloom last week, but this week I have almost six if not eight. I expect a dozen or more by the weeks end. But even with all the roses there come a… Continue reading Roses Blooming Weather

A Cold Snap

We've been having gorgeous weather, but we have hit a bit of a cold snap. Which is typical for April. We'd normally call it Dogwood Winter, but the Dogwood's have already bloomed. It is really too early in the month for Blackberry Winter, so I guess this year we'll call it a cold snap. These… Continue reading A Cold Snap

Random Thoughts Friday

It's raining, the trees are all green, and it's giving off a green hue outside. So springy. So unlike March, more like April. It's hard to write a Christmas story when it is so warm outside. Usually music helps set the mood, but listening to Christmas carols doesn't feel right either. Sigh...what to do. Last… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday

Bumble Bees Buzzing

I saw not one, but two, big, fat, black, bumble bees buzzing outside yesterday. I really wasn't expecting this yet, but there they were hoovering in midair proclaiming for all to see that Spring is here. As if the blooming of the trees and flowers were not enough, these insects had to join in too.… Continue reading Bumble Bees Buzzing

Springing out all over

As I drove home from work on Friday I noticed the snowy white flowers of the Bradford Pear trees. It was like driving through a winter wonderland of white blooms for a small section of the interstate. I love seeing these trees in bloom. Now we have the purplish flowering red bud trees showing their… Continue reading Springing out all over

Winter here again?

Last week I was wondering if Spring was really here and today it looks like Winter is back. March came in like a lion and with it has brought tornadoes, hail, thunderstorms, blustery winds and snow. My mom was saying March has always brought our worst snow falls. She remembered when she was a girl… Continue reading Winter here again?

Is Spring Really Upon Us?

I'm skeptical to believe that spring can be so close at hand. Though we are less than four weeks away. Still we've not had a typical bout of winter this year. Just a hint of it here and there. The daffodils have already sprouted in thick bunches along the road side and in yards. We… Continue reading Is Spring Really Upon Us?