Beautiful Spring Weather

Today is a glorious spring day. The sun is shining. The spring flowers are blooming. The trees are full with green leaves. It’s April 2nd and all is well in my world today. I feel truly blessed. I have received my third contract for the year 2012 and I’ve signed it, returned it via email to my editor (don’t you love modern technology!).  Can you tell I’m thrilled? Excited! Happy!

Because of Rebecca is a historical romance set in the deep south and I’ve worked on this one for many years. Stopping when I’d get stuck, putting it aside to work on other projects, and even making my first sell before coming back to it again. I did this a few times and realized I’d written it in thirds by the time I had the last segment of the manuscript to finish. At that point I decided it was time to fish or cut bait as they say.  Well I finished it in 2011. Now I will get to see this labor of love in print soon. I’m over the moon with joy because of how long it took me to get to this point. So much has happened with me as a writer. I’ve grown stronger and I hope that will shine through in this manuscript.

Enjoy this day. Get outside and take advantage of the sun, soaking up its goodness a for few minutes if you get the chance.

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