Recipe Tuesdays

Lemonade Icees

I first had something similar in 1989 when I went to the beach. They had a guy who came onto the beach selling these. It was called a Lemon Quench I think. I’ve since seen something similar at Dollywood. So you might have similar remembrances of these.


  • ice
  • water
  • Country Time® Lemonade Mix (or your favorite brand)

I have a Magic Bullet®. So I take the tallest cup and fill it 3/4 way full of ice, 1/2 full of water, and then put in Country Time® Lemonade Powder (the amount of this depends on how tart you want it, but a good guide is the measurement for one glass). I screw on the lid for the bullet and I press, blending this together until the ice is chopped fine and its slushy. If you use a blender then you can make much more at one time, but I usually do it one glass at a time.

This is so easy my son has been able to make his own for the last two years. We even took this with us to the beach so we could make our own the last time we went. It’s fun. It’s simple. And it’s refreshing when the heat index is high and you want something to really quench your thirst.

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